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Since his beginning in 2008, Ryan Thomas has strived to better the look of the Clarksburg, WV area’s media. With his local cinematography company, Dreams In Motion Media Productions LLC, Ryan has been getting closer to his goal of bringing to light the many talented people and businesses within this city. As a resident of Clarksburg for his entire life, Mr.Thomas has stated that ever since he was younger he wanted to enhance his community, and as he got older he knew that his contribution would be through his love of media and urge to display his melodic, movie-like creations. Dreams In Motion Media Productions LLC provides the Clarksburg, WV area with a service that it did not know it needed. With the help of media, Clarksburg has the means to stand out as a city of talented citizens and successful businesses who thrive off of each other.

Many years ago, Ryan Thomas found his creative niche. In his teen years, Ryan was constantly videotaping his friends and family members and making his own short commercial-like films. When he graduated high school in 2003, he left his beloved town and went to Pittsburgh, PA where he went to The Art Institute. From there, he graduated in 2005 with an associates degree in video production and film. After college, he returned to Clarksburg, WV and began a job as a director at WDTV News Channel 5, and from there went on to work at FOX 46. It was then that he decided to make his move. At the age of 22, he decided his life altering decision to begin his own business in the form of a media production company known as Dreams In Motion Media Productions LLC. By starting this business, Ryan, quite literally, set his dreams in motion. Launching his own website in 2009, Ryan Thomas began his success in the media industry. In addition to his business, Ryan is also a full-time director at WBOY Channel 12 News, and has been since early 2011.

From then on Ryan began collecting his clients; ranging from wedding couples and nationally known talented musical groups, to local business owners and politicians. His work includes a many number of wedding ceremonies and receptions, local commercials, political ads, dance recitals, and even music videos. Ryan was even the original director of The Coffee Talk Show when it was based in Clarksburg, WV. While keeping up with the most relevant and up to date technology, Ryan has made his company name more well known over the past few years with his eye-catching, cinematic, detailed video that stands out for all to see.

The goal of Dreams In Motion Media Productions LLC is to provide it’s services to members of the Clarksburg and surrounding communities to create the highest quality outcome with a cost effective and budget minded outlook. Ryan Thomas better serves his clients by listening to their ideas and needs to create a true partnership in order to exceed all expectations and deliver his unique product. By being on a more personal level with his clients, Ryan always goes the extra mile for every one he works with. “I am always looking for ways to express my creativity, and the best way that I have found to do that is by listening to the citizens of my community and their thoughts and opinions about our city”, says Ryan Thomas.

Why Dreams In Motion Media?

•I provide personal one-on-one brain storming sessions with my clients to ensure productions meet and exceed their expectations
•Flexible and Affordable Packages
•Discounts offered to nonprofit organizations, artists & community events,
•High-Definition video without the high price
•Knowledgeable, Professional and patient staff
•Friendly and outgoing Video Production Company

Why Video?

•Promote your business or ideas
•Market directly towards your intended audience(s)
•Common uses include: Entertainment, Informational & Educational purposes
•Cater to all or select age groups and demographics
•Document a Special moment in time, moments that cannot be relived
•Video is an easily accessible medium
•Video can be easily duplicated
•Wide and Varied Distribution options
•Great archival medium
•Very low cost for effective and direct advertising
•Video has no language barriers

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