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I was born in 1980. I have been interested in filmmaking since I was a youngster. In 2000 one of my first short movies was broadcasted in German television and got a nomination for the "Shocking Shorts Award" in Munich.

2000 - 2005 I studied filmmaking at the Filmschool Vienna. In this time I became acquainted with mostly all departments of filmmaking. I directed short films and music videos - some of them were screened on sevreral film festivals worldwide (e.g. Warsaw, New York, Singapore, Verona, Jacksonville).

2007 - 2010 I co-manged the company Red Rabbit Film and I wrote, directed and produced corporate videos, commercial clips, event videos, videos of comedy shows and stage performances. I worked on the documentary "Syra Marty - Daechli Leni goes to Hollywood" as a cinematographer, soundmixer, editor, animator and co-producer. The film was released in Swiss cinemas in January 2010. In the same year I also started to edit entertainment shows for the Austrian Broadcast Corporation ORF.

2011 I founded the individual enterprise DREHSTROM Christian Hoerlesberger Filmproduktion.

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