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  1. It's the feature that's painfully causing me to have to find a new video solution and to move all our videos to another company.
  2. Does anyone know how to get this api to work with the flash version of Vimeo Player (Moogaloop)? I'm trying to get those things together for days with no success at all! Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks Drew - that was a big help in fixing some previous dev's work where I had no idea how anything saw supposed to go together
  4. What Avvio is asking for is similar to the way CSS treats images with "background-size: cover" and Flash's scale mode for video "stretching: 'fill'. This should be something easy for Vimeo to enable when the video is playing in Flash mode. It's…
  5. Hi Brad. Thanks for the comment. I'm using froogaloop and it makes sense to me that there should only be one player object in which I can change the video for. So, given you comments, I'm changing the iframe src attribute and now I'm going to try…
  6. Hey Mark, that's good to know. I didn't realize it worked like that. Thanks!
  7. Plays on Vimeo.com are not counted towards the limit. Embedded plays and portfolio plays are the only two places where this counts.
  8. A client of ours has a Vimeo.com pro account. They made it so that the video they uploaded to the Pro account was allowed to be viewed on Vimeo.com. That video was then featured on the homepage of Vimeo.com, and the play count went through the roof.…