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    by Booooooom / Jeff Hamada joined

    7,169 Videos / 3,790 Members

    Videos shared here will be considered for a feature on: http://www.Booooooom.com You may also post videos to our FB wall: https://www.facebook.com/booooooom Our official Vimeo channel: http://vimeo.com/channels/booooooom

  2. 3d Mapping Projection / Architecture & Object Projections

    by palnoise joined

    1,696 Videos / 812 Members

  3. Sports & Design

    by Sergio Saleh joined

    3,203 Videos / 1,551 Members

    Branding packages, promos or commercials; motiongraphics, fashion, design and animation for SPORTS.


    by MOUNT DIGITAL joined

    258 Videos / 110 Members

    www.DEVIANTV.ORG - CINEMISFITS WELCOME. DVNTV is a sanctuary for the grand and small filmic efforts that struggle to find a place in today's homogenized, formulaic cinematic landscape. DEVIANTELEVISION@GMAIL.COM BLOG:…

  5. Historical Documentaries

    by Kaelin Motion Production Service joined

    57 Videos / 34 Members

    For documentaries that tell the history of some place, person, organization or company.

  6. History on Vimeo

    by Pete Walter joined

    311 Videos / 102 Members

    This is the group for all people making clips about historical subject matter.

  7. Poetry Group

    by Beyheef joined

    1,727 Videos / 534 Members

    Poetry by the pictures, as a resistance, as a hope. To meet in the same momentum, the mind and heart. La poésie par les images, comme une résistance, comme un espoir. Pour réunir,…

  8. LIV'NCE

    by LIV'NCE joined

    1,130 Videos / 6,707 Members

    LIV'NCE suggested to men's who realize that we only live once Blog http://www.livnce.com

  9. Ambient Video

    by Doug Siefken joined

    3,728 Videos / 1,043 Members

    The Ambient Video group is for the exploration of art video that is typicaly of a non-disrutive nature - for example fluid stills© imagery. see also - http://flickr.com/groups/ambient_video/

  10. dance

    by Alex Gollner joined

    4,477 Videos / 1,627 Members

    A community for those interested in watching and creating dance. A place for videos featuring dancers of all kinds - from individuals to large groups, from traditional to modern, from choreographed…

  11. CG . exp.

    by goaj joined

    3,417 Videos / 1,317 Members

    group for free thinking, open minded, experimental, abstract, Dada and not so common stuff out of the machine, focused on the exploration of digital aesthetics.

  12. Photo Shoots

    by Matt Glass joined

    5,511 Videos / 2,684 Members

    A place to see behind-the-scenes footage of photo shoots from various photographers. Join in.

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