Drew Lippman Executive Producer Plus

Brooklyn, New York

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I offer 18 years of experience in Filmed Content production. I have worked on commercials, animation, long form, episodic, documentary, interactive sites, music production. With experience on both the Agency and Line sides of production, I offer a unique perspective to my clients on any project. I also have logged directing credits on select projects (Emmy award for Directing in 2005). Based in Brooklyn, New York.

Specialties: Supervise all aspects of filmed content development/production. Responsibilities include overseeing selection of production companies, post production & sound professionals. Oversee budgeting, production meetings, scheduling, casting, all contract negotiations, sound & image licensing, locations, sets, filming, editing, music, sound design, sound recording/mixing, digital integration. As line producer procuring/overseeing crews, talent, locations, stages, equipment, labor, catering, transport, insurance, contracts, payroll.

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