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artist : photographer : adventurer : traveler : eco-enthusiast : aquanaut : goof ball

I was born into a creative, artistic family. My parents were both talented at drawing and photography. My mother was an English teacher and did poetry and photography for fun an my father was a talented mathematician, chemist, and cartoonist. Ever since I could remember, I had the gift of visual art expression, especially drawing with pencil, pen, pastel, and charcoal. I graduated from college with a bachelor of arts in 1997 and ever since then, I've been art-making and traveling. I also enjoy sewing, scuba diving, snorkeling, gardening, tropical plants, working on my web site, movies, making short video clips from my vacation footage, digital imaging, and writing poetry. I also do environmental cleanups on my own by picking up trash either at home or on vacation. My sweetie and I currently live in the United States with our cat, Rowdy.

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