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Welcome to the Dr Kay's Viemo channel. Dr. Kay is a Psychotherapist who, through God's Divine intervention, touches the lives of His children both young and old. My team and I are creating new playlists daily from our popular blog post at kaytrotter.com/drkayblog/. Fast forward, rewind, pause. Were glad your here to live, to pray and to play with us.

Dr Kay is a therapist, parenting coach, clinical supervisor, author and international speaker. Kay's teams of counselors' provide services to clients from 3 -- 103 years of age. Offer traditional talk therapy, play therapy, expressive arts therapy, equine therapy, EMDR for children and adults, parent coaching, school liaison, and psychological and addictions testing. Visit our website full of valuable information, tool and resources kaytrotter.com.

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  • Kaleidoscope Counseling - We are a Christ-centered counselors striving to help families and people of all ages feel happier and whole in body, mind and spirit.
  • Take It Outside - TIO - Green Therapies and Research Institute, is a non-profit counseling and research center based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that integrates traditional mental health therapy with nature-based, body-mind-spirit modalities for clients of all ages.


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