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  1. Making Stop Motion

    by Bruno Caetano joined

    646 Videos 1,020 Members

    A place where you can watch, share and comment "Making of" and "behind the scenes" videos of stop motion animation productions from around the world. There is no better way…

  2. Stop Motion

    by 2 IRMÃOS Filmes joined

    3,302 Videos 1,555 Members

  3. stop motion

    by verzerk joined

    1,669 Videos 1,019 Members

  4. stop-motion Animation

    by zz007 joined

    4,519 Videos 1,448 Members

  5. Stop Motion(s)

    by guy joined

    4,493 Videos 1,998 Members

    Anything that includes some form of Stop Motion.

  6. +Animation+

    by Diego Cruz joined

    35.8K Videos 5,847 Members

    The Best Videos of last year! Special Thanks http://iwucha.com


    by Miguel Pessoa Vidal joined

    38.6K Videos 10.5K Members

    This is a group for directors to show there latest work, Short films / Music Video's / Fashion Films / Virals.

  8. Music Videos - all genres

    by turbomission joined

    56.5K Videos 13.8K Members

    One of the oldest and largest groups on Vimeo! This is the best place to view and share all kinds of music videos. And if you're an artist wanting to get some exposure, this is the place to start.

  9. Music Video

    by Zenfilm joined

    50.3K Videos 12.7K Members

    Welcome to the Vimeo Music Video Group. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this group a success! Music videos... all makes, all models, but original work only please. Welcome to the club. Please…

  10. DitoGear

    by Patryk Kizny joined

    329 Videos 395 Members

    This group is dedicated to sharing experience and videos created by users of and with DitoGear equipment. Feel free to add timelapse shots, tests, tutorials and all kind of stuff connected to DitoGear™. Please…

  11. Cinemagraphics Group

    by Robert Lyons joined

    282 Videos 178 Members

    Motion graphics and special effects animation created on film, and in-camera, only. Any format, (Super-8, 16mm, 35mm, Vista Vision, IMAX) No CGI, computer, digital, or video graphics. A place for…

  12. The Screen Social

    by Cannes in a Van: Film in Transit joined

    224 Videos 95 Members

    At Screen Social we showcase new and up-coming directors, production companies, live acts, music videos, motion graphics, animation and experiments. If you have something you'd like to screen,…

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