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DrumanberoZ is a Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Breakbeat and UK Funky group.

This Venezuelan, English and Spanish group consists of four artists known individually as MCs R-Vee, Marvelous Supa, Ragatek and DJ/Producer Gabb. They have left an indelible mark on the electronic underground scene, not only in Spain but also internationally. Spain, Prague and France have made it clear that their energetic sho
w has little comparison.

DrumanberoZ has gone through the roof since its beginning in 2010, when they released their first singles and promo CD, 'DrumanberoZ Demo', independently on their own label. Shortly after its release they decided to go back into the recording studio and focus on creating a new and overwhelming sound combined with a power that has a message delivered by a variation of flows from three MCs. The group and individual members have toured Spain, Czech Republic, France, Portugal, Holland and United Kingdom, sharing the stage with diverse artists such as (Bassline Smith, Afrodite, Danny Wheeler, Dubzero, Noisia, Dub Ammo, Fresh, Nicky Blackmarket… etc). They have collaborated with several artists of other styles, doing remixes, and their performances always include a drummer, a DJ and three MCs, demonstrating their open mind and cohesion to urban culture as a whole.

The latest offering from DrumanberoZ, the EP vol.1 'Replacement', is part of a trilogy to be released between December 2012 and June 2013. A new music video for the single 'Doors Of Reality' will be released in December 2012, a preliminary showing of what will be on this new EP.

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