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Dr. Woohoo (translation: Serious Fun), is a Toronto, Canada based artist, developer and lecturer creating work for a wide range of clients, including Adobe, Taylormade-Adidas Golf, Nike Golf and Camelbak.

Woohoo's projects typically flow from the abstract to the practical. To generate his artwork, he cyclically moves between creating his own color and brush applications and plug-ins that attempt to capture his emotions and artistic vision, while emulating natural media. Woohoo's artwork can be found online, on tv, prints, canvas, silk chiffon kimonos and scarves, and as kinetic sculptures. As a simple rule, he chooses to integrate innovative new features rather than duplicate functionality that already exist in the creative applications (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Maya) that he uses. This à la carte approach allows Woohoo to mix-n-match any feature from these applications along with his own bag of tricks and sculpt them into his own set of über-creative application(s). From a creative perspective, these solutions enable designers to play and extend what is creatively possible. From a practical perspective, it turns out that the processes and tools created for Generative Art are a perfect match for automating and adding to the intelligence of the creative process and workflow – giving the designer an infinite amount of possibilities, while focusing in on variations that are relevant to that designer's preferences.

Woohoo has won over 50 awards – all of which he has recycled with a smile on his face and liberation in his heart. He has/will exhibit(ed) his work and/or was a speaker at:

- Autodesk Gallery, San Francisco, CA, Dec++
- Autodesk University, Las Vegas, NV, November
- The Future Of How Things Are Made, Paris, FR, October

- OFFF: MX, August

- São Paulo, Brazil, November 19-20th
- Taos Lecture Series, Taos, NM, October 5th
- FOTB 2011, Brighton, UK, September 11-14th
- Finite and Infinite, Sellars Project Space, Denver, CO, July 1-31
- Currents 2011, Santa Fe, NM, June 10-19
- Multi-Mania, XPO Kortrijk, Belgium, May 23-24
- From Pixels-to-Prints, Solo Show @ Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe, NM, April 1-15th

- Photoshop User Magazine, Speed Clinic: Color Analytics, May Issue
- Moo.com Designer Series, March
- The Art + Science of Systems Biology, Santa Fe Complex, Santa Fe, NM
- Digital Design in Art + Architecture, UNM's School of Architecture + Planning GPH Gallery, Albuquerque, NM

- Flash on the Beach, Brighton, UK, September 21-23rd
- Projected Lights, Santa Fe Complex, Santa Fe, NM
- FrankenCircuit, Santa Fe Complex, Santa Fe, NM
- Photoshop User Magazine: Speed Clinic Article, July/August Issue
- FlashBelt, Minneapolis, MN, June 7-10th
- Flash on Tap: Boston, May 28-30th
- FITC: Toronto, April 26-28
- Grassy Knoll Gallery, Portland, OR (First solo show), April 2 - August 28th
- Grassy Knoll Gallery, Portland, OR (Workshop on writing scripts, applications and flash plug-ins that extend Photoshop and Illustrator), April 1 6pm
- Art and Code, Pittsburgh, PA, March 7-9th
- Photoshop User Magazine: Featured Article, March Issue

- Adobe Max: San Francisco, California, November 16-19
- FITC @ MAX, November 19
- head, October 24-26
- WDDC: Orlando, Florida, October 13-15
- Flash on the Beach, Brighton, UK, September 28-Oct 1
- ArtCast in assoc w/moves08, April 24
- Cinemathque: Slowtime2007: Quicktime as an artistic medium, April
- FITC: Toronto, April
- File-Rio-2008, the Electronic Language International Festival in Rio, February - March
- Adobe Design Gallery, February
- Moo.com Designer Series, January

- Flash On The Beach, Brighton Beach, UK, November
- Communication Arts Magazine, Photography Annual - Article on In The Mod
- Adobe Max: Europe (Barcelona), October
- Best in the SW Flash Animation & Motion Graphics Conference, October
- FILE-2007, the Electronic Language International Festival from August 20th- to September 16th-, in Sao Paulo City
- Lucania Film Festival from August 11-15, 2007 in Lucania, Italy
- DomeFest, Albuquerque, NM
- The OutVideo '07 International video-art festival from July 5 - August 5 and will tour 16 different Russian cities
- Visual Music Marathon (Boston)
- MegaBytes 6, Center for Contemporary Arts (Santa Fe)
- Futuresonic 2007: Urban Festival of Art, Music + Ideas in Manchester, UK
- I/WE: Case Studies, SCAD-Atlanta Show
- SXSW (Austin)

- MAX (Singapore & Seoul)
- Flash Forward (Seattle)
- NAB (Las Vegas)
- OFFF: BCN (Barcelona)
- MegaBytes 4, Center for Contemporary Arts (Santa Fe)

- AIGA (Seattle)

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