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Celebrating its 25th Anniversary in 2014, Deborah Slater Dance Theater was founded in 1989, and since that time has premiered more than 15 evening-length productions under the leadership of Artistic Director and Choreographer Deborah Slater. A professional dance-theater company dedicated to the creation and production of highly collaborative works, DSDT uses the metaphor of the visual, the associations of storytelling, and the recognition of intimately personal movement to explore issues deeply imbedded in our collective consciousness. The Company’s repertoire includes the Isadora Duncan Dance Award-winning Hotel of Memories, featured on KQED TV’s SPARK program, and the Isadora Duncan Dance Award nominees A Hole in the World and The Sleepwatchers. Each of these works uses a large-scale, multi-disciplinary dance theater format to encompass the depth of their thematic matter and the breadth of their artistic scope. THE DESIRE LINE, premiered this year to sold-out performances at Joyce SoHo in New York City. NIGHT FALLS was voted one of the 'Top Ten' in 2011.

"Do you ever wish you could just break into interpretive dance rather than having to fight, talk, "talk," fight, or tell someone you love them? .... Deborah Slater's Dance Company does just that in The Desire Line at Cowell Theater. Based on the moody paintings of Albert Feltus and the architectural definition of a desire line — a shortcut created where the conventional path is too circuitous — the performances put into movement the infinite subtleties of human emotion." SF Bay Guardian, Our Weekly Picks (Sankur)

" "The Desire Line" is simply the best ensemble work that I have had the pleasure to experience in nearly twenty years of attending dance performances across a wide range of offerings and venues."

“Deborah Slater Dance Theater is recognized for its collaborative efforts and visually gorgeous, acrobatic, talking dance, exploring social issues through original dance, text and music.” Marin Independent Journal

“[DSDT is] remarkable to me as actors, fusing dance and drama without distracting affectations. … The acrobatic elements of the show…were blended so smoothly with the dance language as to be indistinguishable.” Brooklyn Rail Arts Monthly

"full-bodied and visceral" SF Bay Guardian

The entire ensemble is dynamite… "The Sleepwatchers" did for me what all great performances do: blur the boundary between participant and observer, draw you in and make you part of a collective experience, a shared dream. In this case, there was a nightmare element -- the agony of loss and its renewal -- but also hope and the promise of some kind of resolution, revelation even, and finally, rest for the weary. Quite a journey.” By Susan Freehafer , CRITICALDANCE.COM

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