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Desilence acronym is the code word to identify the multidisciplinary duo composed by Tatiana Halbach and Søren Christensen. This couple form one of the most referenced team in the Barcelona visual arts system. Working from the Ciutat Vella neighbourhood, in the heart of the city, for more than a decade, the imagination of both artists has been captured in a wide rage of contexts, from music to fashion and theater. Thanks to all their work, Desilence Studio is in the epicenter of the cultural events in Barcelona.

Not knowing boundaries, their visual arts are open to a wide range of specialties where shapes, textures and colors form an indivisible combination that becomes their signature and handwriting.
The perfect blending between the passion for the research and the technical balance plus a fierce working persistence result into collaborations with some of the strongest sponsors in the field, allowing them not only to land in international festivals, but also to collaborate in the art direction of successful theater plays or to project their vitality in dozens of different scenes where the music was the prevailing note.

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