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If your reading this that means you have come to the right place. Vimeo.com/dsw to find yourself, well your humor at lest.

We are so glad that your here and not on some other site, like YouTube or google vidoes, just kidding. .

(DsW Films; On Vimeo)
Thats right, we finally made it.

Thanks for checking out my page. See bellow for the password for many of my videos, and in between is a little taste of some of of DsW Films...History.
The mission of DsW Films is to give our customers the best spirit and and entertainment that they can find anywhere and to provide them with the information required for informed entertainment decisions.
We Provide these with dedication to the highest quality of customer satisfaction delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, fun, individual pride and production humor.

***some videos are password protected, this is because the people in the video have asked me not to keep them public***
the password is forever4

More Information about DsW Films:

I created DsW Films back in 2000 although, up until now I have not begun to upload, and share my work with the world.

There is only one thing all of my videos try and do when you watch them....

Some of my videos might at first glance look like any ordinary slide show of home video, but watch for a little longer and they will turn into a funny ass comedy sketch, making the average person that I come in contact with look very stupid, in a very funny way.
I know you will enjoy.....

"life is to quick, we might as well recorded and save it for later"

- DsW Films...

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