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Duane Tornquist, a Sr. VP and CMO who has a deep desire to take the Customer Service Experience to a much higher place through technology than anyone else in the meeting, events and hotel and resort industries. Duane understands the meeting planner, the producer, the hotel and resort customer. He believes that people want to look cool, operate ahead of their competitive set and consistently win through creative ideas and emotional connection points through the newest technology being developed.

"Extreme Customer Service" and the culture of being obsessed with designing the customer experience in concert with the creation of sophisticated presentation and marketing technology tools, has led his companies and hotel and resort partners to new levels of increased revenues and service performance.

Music, photography, digital media, 3D and interactive motion design and virtual environment mapping are just a few developments incorporated into the brands developed by Tornquist and his colleagues and brought to the hotel and resort meeting environment.

Duane Tornquist is a professional presenter and public speaker that specializes in multimedia and creative presentation technology. He and his team are always on the edge of what's next through daily research and development in order to take presentations and marketing to the next level ahead of their competition and into the hands of his customers. Tornquist not only researches new technology, but also infuses various technologies and creative tools, blending these non-obvious industry changing products to create what he calls presentation fusion.

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