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Our cinematic editing style, professional cinematography, and high definition cameras will make every aspect of your event film stunning. We created our company out of a love for storytelling and a passion about image. The art of cinema is something to behold. Our creative approach allows you to re-live your big day from a whole different angle.

Duarteimage brings an artist's touch to the wedding films. With an emphasis on narrative storytelling and beautiful, cinematic composition. Duarteimage's unobtrusive style is grounded in the fundamentals good filmmaking. Duarte Image uses the editing process to bring out vibrant colors, weave together your story, and add artistic effects in order to enhance the imagery, but not distract from the narrative. The centerpiece of Duarteimage's wedding films is the Highlight Montage. Set carefully to the clients' chosen music, this montage is an artistic rendering of the day-- a collage of the most beautiful, cinematic moments. In addition to the cinematic highlights, wedding film projects include footage of the full ceremony, the toasts, and candid shots from the rest of the day. The running footage coupled with the finely edited Highlights Montage give clients the best of both worlds: the elegant editing and artistry, and the faithful documenting of the day -- all in a brilliant HD quality.

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