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Washington, DC

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Dr. Dubenstein is a reggae dub master from another world. A deranged man of science who was rumored to be conducting dub experiments in his laboratory where he would tie up patients and expose them to endless hours of the most insane dub reggae rhythms while depriving them of sleep and food. (it is rumored that not a single patient was able to keep his sanity after those ordeals.) The Doctor was born in 580 A.D. in section C, row 15, seat 23 of the transport vessel Enigma while en route to Klacmata from West Ardevor. He apparently only uses Earth terminology when it is appropriate and will shock you beyond belief with his reggae dub sound.

Dr. Dubenstein does sound for Steel Pulse, SOJA, Rebelution, Slightly Stoopid has done sound for Kaliroots (montreal), Gomba jahbari (Puerto Rico), Mato Seco (Brazil), Don Carlos (Jamaica), Jahcoustix (Germany), Yellowman (Jamaica), Gondwana (Chile), Quique Neira (Chile), Holy Piby (Argentina), Jah Works (USA), The Green (Hawaii), The Itals (Jamaica), Fear Nuttin Band (USA), The Meditations (Jamaica), Moja Nya (USA), Groundation (USA), Awareness art Ensemble (USA), Black Sheep (USA), Third Eye Reggae Band (Various Islands), Elijah Emanuel (Panama), President Brown (Jamaica), Bambu Station (Virgin Islands), Midnite (St. Croix), The Iternals (USA), Tribulations (USA), Manospreto (Brazil), Projeto MicroDub (Brazil), Gentleman (Germany) , Inner Circle (Jamaica), The Itals (Jamaica), The Abyssinians (Jamaica)