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Dublin Community Television (DCTV) is Ireland’s newest TV broadcaster, having secured a 10-year Community Licence from the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI). It is run by a co-operative and Dublin’s only community TV station. With offices in Temple Bar and the Digital Hub, DCTV has plans to base small-scale production facilities around the city, making video and television production and transmission as accessible as possible. Using new, low-cost, all-digital technology, DCTV is part of a global growth in alternative, community-focused media. The organisation itself is an open membership cooperative, with schedules, programme commissioning and all other decisions being driven by members. There is no standard advertising: instead the channel has a number of innovative revenue models supporting the very low-cost operation of the station – it is an important principle that DCTV should not become dependent on any single source of income. In the future we will be looking at sponsorship deals with appropriate organisations.

Our Mission:
DCTV’s unique mission is to enhance diversity, empowerment and participation in media and in community development more widely. We aim to serve, empower and promote Dublin communities, their activities and their right to be seen and heard. DCTV does this by providing affordable access to transmission, training, basic production equipment and facilities for a broad range of individuals, community groups and activists, and by broadcasting a wealth of innovative, creative, critical, educational and entertaining programmes that focus on real people and communities in all their diversity.

How the Channel is Funded:
DCTV is funded by membership fees and a variety of other sources: Dublin City Council, other Dublin councils and the Dublin Community Forum. Many of the programmes made for DCTV are funded by the BAI’s Sound and Vision fund, which is generated from the TV licence fee.

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