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  1. Thanks, Ian. I used Firefox instead in SD mode, and that seemed to work fine.
  2. Thanks, Ian. I'm trying to do that, but it's not working. I tried witht he Flash player and now the HTML5 one is giving me "Oops! Something broke. Please try again later!" I'm using the Chrome browser and refreshing it, reloading the page. Any other…
  3. Thanks for the confirmation, Ian. It looks like I've already let one video run its course in HD...thus, it should theoretically not be choppy on playback, right? Any other suggestions on what to do if I want to view it in HD using this method?
  4. ...and if you're one of those viewers? My normal strategy in the past with this issue was to let the video run its course/buffer (choppy) and then start over and view from the beginning (smoothly). Does this approach no longer work for Vimeo? Does…
  5. I'm sorry, Taylor Swift, but Todd + Charlene had one of the best videos of all time...nice work, kids. :)