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Duckraid is a "boutique" creative agency only because we love to take the time to listen to our clients.

A successful business isn't about selling your services or products to the greatest amount of people, but finding the right people who will keep needing your services.

We characterise ourselves as an "Artist Driven" company – and we mean exactly that. Each member of the team is highly skilled in their fields of fine art, sculpting, motion graphics, compositing, modeling, texturing, animation or character animation. And as such we use all our creative and technical resources to find and create what our client needs.


Broadcast design

. Design from concept to production of TV packages, On screen packages,
. Opening Titles and OSP for TV Programmes and shows
. Corporate Videos & Presentations

3D / 2D animation

. Modeling, texturing, lighting, dynamics and animation
. Visual effects for film and TV. Photoreal pack shots and demos
. Fluid Simulations
. Character animation

RenderFarm for rent

. 120 core renderfarm for all your rendering needs


. Seamless integration of CG and live action
. Green screen, rotoscoping, grading, wire removal
. Complex VFX shots: fire, water, destruction
. Motion graphics
. All formats from PAL to HD

Chroma shooting

. Green screen studio available for rent
. Sony Cinealta XDCAM PMW-EX1

Architectural Visualization

. Rendered stills: perspectives, plans, isometric sections
. Architectural movie / animations with live action footage
. Product rendering / Digital product sclupting

Print & Environmental design

. Print campaigns
. Corporate identities
. Packaging design
. Signage design

Interactive / web design

. Interactive DVDs
. Web design and development

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