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Eugene considers himself a multimedia artist. He uses his knowledge of technology to bend and shape various forms of digital art to his will. One rarely finds him delving into the same media over long periods of time for he is constantly aspiring towards new ways to transmit his art.

In his persistent exploration of things 'fresh' -- he has mastered the tools of art manipulation in 4 forms -- photos, videos, games & web -- and has since created many works in those forms or using a mix of those forms.

As a photographer of people, he constantly seeks to capture his subjects in a natural state because a genuine smile is always more pleasant to the eye.

Eugene's three years experience in the creative media industry has seen him taking on multiple photography projects ranging from corporate event shoots, media and product launches, music video production, and also various game design and web development assignments.

Eugene's list of clientele includes Celebrity Fitness, WATSinside, 1or8 Faction and Nanyang Technological University.

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