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  1. Gen and Bruce

    1 video

    November 4th, 2017 wedding and reception.

  2. NCNW

    0 videos


    1 video

    Rob Parker - FS1

  4. Video Samples

    6 videos

    Video samples prepared for Shannon Cohen.

  5. Michael Lloyd

    4 videos

    Michael F. Lloyd is an experienced on-camera presenter with strong voice-over talent as well. Michael has also worked as a product spokes person and narrator. In addition to those skills he has a also been a professional business operations facilitator/trainer and industrial film producer.

  6. Roeper 75th

    8 videos

  7. The Health Collection

    6 videos

    Joint ventrures between MMSDC-Certified MBE, Gallant-Stokes Productions and Duet Digital Media

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