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Duke Albada is a multidisciplinary installation artist and digital storyteller. Her time based multilayered digital-storytelling is about our relation with place; spiritually and physically. Duke delivers hybrid installations, community art and cultural projects. Her works have been exhibited in the USA, Netherlands, Poland, Greece and Australia.

Duke Albada was trained in Video production in the 80’s; studying camera and editing at the School for Photography in The Hague. This was followed by a year internship in the MUSEON where she was responsible for editing exhibition videos. From there Duke transferred into the world of TV freelancing for many years, until she decided to study architectural design at the Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam but ventured into public art afterwards. She received an APA Postgraduate Research Scholarship from Monash University, Melbourne and completed a Masters of Fine Art in 2010 researching Audience Engagement in Multisensory Art-Installations.

In her current profession as a new-media artist and digital storyteller video is an intrinsic component. youtube.com/AlbadaProductions features commissioned music videos, documentation of live performances, mobile phone footage set to music and several general video’s. youtube.com/DukeAlbada features documentation (photography, video, editing and presentation) of art installations and audience interaction.

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