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  1. National Galleries of Scotland

    National Galleries of Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland


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    The National Galleries of Scotland look after one of the world's finest collections of Western art ranging from the Middle Ages to the present day. We care for, research and develop these collections and we aim to share these works of art with as wide a public as possible. We have active programmes…

  2. NYOScotland

    NYOScotland Glasgow


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    In addition to organising training, intensive rehearsals and national and international concert tours for its orchestras, The National Youth Orchestras of Scotland is committed to introducing musical experiences to Scotland's young people through workshops in primary and secondary schools. To make…

  3. Scottish Chamber Orchestra

    Scottish Chamber Orchestra Edinburgh


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    Formed in 1974 the Scottish Chamber Orchestra is internationally recognised for its innovative approach to music-making and programme planning. The Orchestra performs throughout Scotland, including annual tours of the Scottish Highlands and Islands and South of Scotland, and appears regularly at the…

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