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:: BIO ::
French noisy rock trio DUPEK (guitar - voice / drums - voice / bass - voice) seems to have a natural tendency to direct itself towards a rather nervous and noisy rock, heir of post-punk or indie-rock vibes.

:: GIGS ::
DUPEK played wt Sabot, EZ3kiel vs Hint, Deverova Chyba, Zëro, DD/MM/YYYY, Basement, Sleeppers, Cheveu, Doppler, Scul Hazzards, Human Alert, Papier Tigre, C, Nervous Cabaret, Le Singe Blanc, Rien, Gatechien...

in France, Czech Republic, Poland or Italy...

First release on 2006 : Je t'aime Ep (a Dupek and La Machine à Machins prod.)

Second on 2007 : s/t Lp (a Dupek and La Machine à Machins prod.)

End of 2008 : Split 7" I'm just the big f*****/Dead Notes wt DEVEROVA CHYBA (Prod by La Machine à Machins for France / Silver Rocket & Free Dimension for Czech Republic)

2009 : I'm just the big f***** picture-7" single (Dupek prod)

From 2007 to 2009 : appereances on something like 10 french compilations.

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