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  1. Cowboy With An Icecream

    by Ben

    1,140 Videos / 688 Followers

    A collection of some great inspiring animations, short films, tests, adverts and promos, both old and new. Twitter @the_smoe

  2. 2015 CalArts Character Animation Student Films

    by CalArts Character Animation

    106 Videos / 641 Followers

    The films featured in this channel are made by BFA1 through BFA4 students in the Character Animation Program at CalArts (School of Film/Video), in 2015. Each student makes his or her own film, individually. Visit…

  3. The Drawing Room

    by Jiek Weishut

    102 Videos / 55 Followers

    Great animation and other entertaining stuff. Big applause for the people who made them!! Brought to you by www.klikamsterdam.nl Or visit the studio: www.drawingroom.nl

  4. Gobelins

    by Victor M Newman

    36 Videos / 115 Followers

  5. SAIC Film, Video, New Media, and Animation

    by SAIC

    33 Videos / 76 Followers

  6. Art is... SVA Computer Art

    by john mcintosh

    28 Videos / 3 Followers

    www.svacomputerart.com jmcintosh@sva.edu

  7. AniPaiVier

    by Dupp

    1 Video / 1 Follower


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