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Durham YFC works with disadvantaged and marginalised young people in deprived areas of Durham. We work closely with local churches, schools, and the police to support young people. We believe in the innate worth and dignity of young people, and believe that young people can be empowered to reach their full potential and transform their communities. We work with 300 8-20 year olds through street-based detached work, after-school clubs, joint work with the local Police with 'at risk' young people, and a mentoring project.

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  1. I was flagged for spam yesterday, but thankfully after mentioning it here it was resolved. However, my account says again today that I'm flagged again? All I did was make changes to my privacy settings for the videos I've uploaded! Link: vimeo.com/durham
  2. Can you please unflag my account? I just uploaded a couple videos, but they shouldn't have anything in them that is against the guidelines... thanks! Link: vimeo.com/durhamyfc