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"I'm a voice actor. I'm about people. I'm about you.

My voice has resonated in some of the most sought after prime time slots on television, from American Idol to the Super Bowl. I'm currently the network promo voice of Fox Sports 1, commercial voice of Fandango, and signed on to the Transformer's Franchise as the animated character Autobot Evac on Transformers: The Ride 3d at the California, Flordia and China Universal Studio Theme Parks.

Most recently I branded the CW's 4th season of Hart of Dixie, along with VH1's, Dating Naked, LeAnn and Eddie, Candidly Nicole, Hit the Floor and Barely Famous. I can be heard as 'That Trailer Guy' in Cartoon Network's upcoming We Bare Bears series and am narrating the Smithsonian Channel's new feature, Secrets of the Hive.

Every day, all day, I work with talented minds across the country providing voice tracks via my network approved, state of the art, in-house recording studio. This studio supports phone patch, ISDN and file upload capabilities.

I’m very grateful for all the clients that allow me to live my dream. Thanks for stopping by!" - Dustin James Leighton

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