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"I'm about people. I'm about you.

My voice has resonated in some of the most sought after prime time slots on television, from American Idol to the Super Bowl. I'm currently one of the network promo voices of Fox Sports 1, the national commercial voice of Fandango, and signed on to the Transformer's Franchise as the animated character Autobot Evac on Transformers: The Ride 3D at the Universal Studios Theme Parks.

I’ve worked under the guide of prominent directors Michael Bay, Timothy Busfield, John Herzfeld, and even had the privilege to walk the Red Carpet along side Stephen Spielberg. My work has been featured in Variety, LA Weekly, and the New York Times. Some television and feature films I’ve worked on include Law and Order, Spike’s S.I.S., Take Me Home Tonight, Lifetime’s Maneater, and Official Selection of Cannes, Out of Focus.

My creation company, The Artist’s Den, Inc houses my network approved, state of the art, in-house recording studio, which supports phone patch, ISDN and file upload capabilities. It's also where I dabble in other creative avenues.

Most importantly, I’m grateful to work with talented minds around the world every day. So, thanks for stopping by!" - Dustin James Leighton

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