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Preferring to ditch traditional living arrangements for a life on the road, filmmaker Dustin Lynn’s work has taken him to the farthest reaches of the planet. After graduating, the purveyor of experimental and 16mm films teamed up with Jack Johnson and Chris Malloy to work on their Thicker Than Water surfing doc, while recent directing projects include Work Relation 2014, the controversial collaboration between Marina Abramović and Adidas for the FIFA World Cup 2014. As well as playing in his band Dukes of Chutney, whose debut album, Domino, was released last year, Lynn also finds time for his role as contributing travel writer and photographer for ANEW magazine.

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  1. The mono soundtrack is better. The last part with the pail is terrible! There should be no ambient sound, nothing save for the pail squeaking, which you can barely hear. Check out the mono soundtrack, KINO ruined it.