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Dutch Delta Media makes corporate films, short films, commercials, journalistic reports and documentaries.
Objective observation is far from simple. Yet it is of upmost importance to observe without passing direct judgement. I attempt purely to observe and allow my creation to flow from that position.
Observation is the starting point. Whether making fiction or non-fiction you start by laying the foundations. In my role of director, journalist or photographer: what is it that I want show my audience, what do I want them to feel?
Once I have the answers to these questions I can start the process of creation. Creation is about making choices. Choices on content, the camera position, lighting, the framed shot and editing.
You don’t make a film on your own. Dutch Delta Media loves working with people who put their heart and soul into their craft, people who are in command of the technical intricacies, who actively contribute.
Your perception is always lurking in the shadows of your creation. And since there is no such thing as pure objectivity, it’s good there are so many possible points of view……

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