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Dave Van De Brake has been a documentary maker and photojournalist since 1980. He specializes in historic packages and stories that range from overviews of actions in World War II, Korea, Vietnam thru The Gulf War,Somalia,and Afghanistan.
Many of his documentary profiles reflect on the leadership and courage of specific people, groups and moments in time.

Currently he teaches World History, Military History, and Television Production in New Jersey.His special interests include documenting life events for his family and friends.

Before teaching School, Dave worked in Hollywood, where he developed an appreciation for story-telling and cinematography...later after joining the forces, he led,developed,and instructed combat camera teams in combat zones on capturing the real moments of conflict while underfire.

Over the last 30 years he has served as a front line combat cameraman,served as an advisor to State Department and Defense Department on strategies of realtime aquisition and information dissemination of combat and civic actions, as well as teaching PhotoJournalism and History at high School in his community..
Currently He runs Bear-Aviation Films-Cine.


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