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I started making films after I left high school, making short experimental films and mock documentaries with friends and actors. At this point, I became immersed in the formalities of screenwriting, educating myself with film technique, devices, story, narrative, cinematography, characters and much more. After studying performing arts at Hereford College of Arts, I quickly learned the techniques of theatre and screen acting - gaining this experience has led to my own development as a filmmaker.

Securing a Masters Degree in Film & Media Production at Sheffield Hallam University, there were many opportunities to make bigger and more developed films. A number of university films were shortlisted at the Student RTS Awards, BFI and Festival de Cannes. Having written bigger scripts with bigger projects in mind since university, my passion, skills and abilities have led me to work with the CBC. Outside of the CBC, I've made a number of corporate videos for sports foundations and companies.

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