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Czech Republic

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Dying Passion’s identification sign is the alto of the singer Zuzana Jelinkova and the combination of melodious procedures, pressing quitars and penetrating keys. The gloomy atmosphere of November 2013. This is the perfect time for Czech band Dying Passion to release its seventh studio album called Transient via the record label Epidemie Records. This time fans can look forward to conceptually based album. The story revolves around lust accompanied by wrong decesions which lead to pain and damnation; it is a story about wasted opportunities and temporary satisfaction. Some paths of life have no turning point and this album will tell you how it is to choose the wrong path.The songs are wrapped in deeply emotive presentation which tells the story on its own and which will not leave your mind calm. The album will contain 14 tracks (more than hour of playing time) and it will be available from 30th November onwards. The band is also going to release a music video which will guide you into the story of Transient

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