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Denver, CO

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I am a visual artist who is motivated by music and design.

I believe in wandering adventurously.

I believe the first 10 minutes of "UP" is the saddest and most moving piece of film.

I enjoy scheduling emails for the morning so people think I'm up and working.

Black Coffee makes up 40% of my bloodstream. Lavazza is my current favorite.

Mazzy Star’s “Fade into You,” and Chris Issak’s “Wicked Game” battle constantly for top slot in my “making the moves on my lady” mix.

I believe I do my best work when listening to Sigur Ros, music is my language.

I believe cabins make the best homes. Nothing is better than hearing the wind through the aspen trees.

I am fascinated by old things and their personal history and journey.

I love romantic comedies and tear up occasionally during the good ones.

I avoid watching film trailers at all costs. I don’t like to ruin the surprise.

I believe quick friends are made with drinks around the campfire.

I hide the good booze at family gatherings.

Seeing mountains every day, means I am home.

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