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Dylan Verrechia is an award-winning filmmaker and director of photography. He graduated with honors in Film and TV from New York University, Tisch School of the Arts. Director of photography for directors such as Todd Solondz, Spike Lee, Sam Pollard, Morgan Spurlock, Michael Rushton, Pete Chatmon, Nat Prinzi, Marie Ullrich, Alessio Giorgetti, Yunsun Chae, Mark Daniels, Bob Coen, Sonia Gonzalez, Richard Kroehling and Jean Rouch. Verrechia worked in affiliation with production companies such as HBO, PBS, CBC, AOL, Arte, MGM, New Line Cinema, Warrior Poets, Good Machine, Killer Films, Peirce Pictures, Panamax, Time Warner, Centro Films, D7!, France 2, Condé Nast, L'Oréal, AvroKO, Voom HD, Greenpeace, InDiGent, Heartbeat Digital, Huffington Post, Notorious, Yahoo TV, BMG, MTV and VH1.

Co-founder of 25th Frame ("Picture Me" Milan International Film Festival Winner), and Troopers Films ("Arakimentari" Brooklyn International Film Festival), he is responsible for the Mexico location scouting of the 2007 Sundance Winner "Sangre de mi sangre". He filmed in India, Japan, Russia, Siberia, Ukraine, Europe, South Africa, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil and the Unites States, and lensed music videos for artists such as The Calling, Nortec Collective, Tetonica Castro, Paco Mendoza, DJ Vadim, Deuce Eclipse, Logan McCoy, Yonas, Von Haze, aired on Telehit, Fuse and MTV.

His short film "The Laughter of God" won the 2003 IFCT World Tour Prize for Best Actor and Best Cinematography. His feature film debut "Tijuana Makes Me Happy" won the Slamdance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize for Best Narrative Feature, and the SAFILM Indie Max Award. His latest documentary "Kids of the Majestic" won Best Feature in the Children's Advocacy Category at the Artivist Film Festival Raising Awareness for Humanity, Animals and the Environment, and the Directing and Writing Insight Awards of Recognition at the National Association of Film and Digital Media Artists. He also won Best Commercial at the MarCom Awards, the Ava Awards and WorldFest Houston Film Festival.

His second feature film "Tierra Madre" won the 2012 Best International Feature Tucson Out In The Desert Film Festival, Best Picture Reeling Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival, Special Jury Award Morelia International Film Festival, Best Picture Barcelona International Film Festival, Outstanding Achievement in Foreign Feature Williamsburg International Film Festival, Best Picture at the Cinesul Ibero-Americano Film Festival, Golden Palm Mexico International Film Festival, Honorable Mention New Jersey International Film Festival, Silver Lei Award for Excellence in Filmmaking Honolulu International Film Festival, IMCED Filmmaker Recognition.

His company offers RED Epic Dragon, G&E rentals, and full crew services:

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