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- 1st Prize at Certamen Internacional Burgos-New York 2010. (Kazuko Hirabayashi president of the Jury)
- 1st Prize at VII Certamen Iberoamericano de Coreografía Alicia Alonso CIC’2010. “boundless field of creativity that sparked one of the most strong ovations of the festival”. International Ballet Festival of Havana 2010.
- Premiered at the Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid 2009: • Audience Prize • Royal Conservatory of Professional Dance Prize

entomo continues touring the world after 4 years and more than 120 performances in 19 countries of 5 continents:

Wendy Perron, Dance Magazine editor, writes: “A surprise came in the form of a new piece that won the Havana choreographic competition, a duet called Entomo. An insect dance to end all insect dances, it was created and performed by two very cool guys from Madrid: Elías Aguirre and Alvaro Esteban. The duet is sharply observed, ingenious, playful, and stunningly cruel.”
Amy Stafford (now in berlin), former arts editor for Surface Magazine in SF and also wrote for the New Art Examiner in the late 90's, says: “your work is a crowd pleaser, it makes contemporary dance and movement accessible to a large audience who may not be familiar with contemporary dance. It merges performance art, dance, street culture and science and it is interesting for both young people and adults.”

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