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Dj Boy is a New York City based photographer, Dj and director who has managed to shoot many events and work with various websites and organizations. Starting in High School Dj Boy took up djing in small house parties and school events. From there he moved on to bigger college events and eventually bars, lounges, and more all over the east coast. Later on in life he picked up a camera and like water to a cup, it just seem to fit perfectly. He started shooting with a small point and shoot camera with a little lego toy figure that friends and strangers began to be fans of, and eventually moved onto SLR cameras. Now he is a professional photographer and director with the right equipment for any situation. From Day to night events, he can capture it all. Music videos, wedding photography and video, behind the scenes, photo shoots, and many many more. Dj Boy also has many great landscape and city photography, including travel photography from different states and countries. Dj Boy is an artist with many options for you to choose from. Check out his work and if you are interested contact him at artbydjboy@gmail.com or 732-903-5269

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