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  1. 55:12


    by EarthFix

    12 Videos

    The largest dam removal process in the U.S. has been happening at the Elwha River in the Olympic National Park. This series of videos and audio slideshows show the science and stories of what's…

  2. 01:02:09

    2013 Emmy-nominated pieces

    by EarthFix

    3 Videos

    We're proud to announce that these three pieces have won nominations for 2013 Northwest Emmy awards!

  3. 21:47

    Voices of Coal

    by EarthFix

    9 Videos

    A series of pieces highlighting diverse perspectives on proposed Northwest coal exports. Read more about coal in the Northwest at

  4. 48:20

    (Cute) Animals

    by EarthFix

    22 Videos

    For those who need a wildlife video break, here's a compilation of short EarthFix videos featuring a variety of animal species.

  5. 10:13

    Judge James Redden On Salmon

    by EarthFix

    3 Videos

    Judge James Redden is a U.S. Federal Judge who presided over the Columbia River Basin salmon case for years until he recently stepped down from the case. EarthFix/Idaho Public Television producer…

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