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Maria Molteni is a multimedia and performing artist, beekeeper and educator currently working in Boston, Massachusetts. She often employs participatory soft sculpture to address public space and social systems in urban environments. In 2010 she founded the New Craft Artists in Action whose project Net Works seeks to fill empty urban hoops with hand-made basketball nets. This craftivist initiative as well as other workshop and research-based projects such as Festooning engage with a diverse, international network of players within and beyond the art world.

Molteni has attended residencies at Mildred's Lane (Pennsylvania), PS1 MoMA Studios (LIC, NY) and the Berwick Research Institute's Bumpkin Island Art Encampment (Boston Harbor, MA). She has participated in the collective action of Danza Organica, Occupy Boston, and the Institute for Infinitely Small Things. Having exhibited in alternative spaces such as MEME (Cambridge, MA) and Proof Gallery (Boston, MA) Molteni has also worked with the Institute of Contemporary Art (Boston), the Harvard Museum of Natural History, Université Laval (Québec City), Otis College of Art and Design (LA, CA), the Mattress Factory (Pittsburgh, PA), and the Office of Culture and Design, (Manila, The Philippines).

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