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A music licensing and clearance agency for Film / TV / Ads / Games and more.

What you get:

_Free quotes, consultation & pre-selection
No need to waste time on digging for music. Our music supervisor team will do it for you for free, you'll only be charged if we found what you need.

_No stock music
We only work with the quality tracks that are made by bands and composers. Stock music can be great, but nothing compares to music made with real passion by trendsetting musicians. If you need something really cool and fresh, you can count on us.  

_Excellent cost to quality ratio
+ Licenses starting from €69*
Precleared songs in our catalogue mostly come from bands that are fantastic but don’t have a huge entourage - there are no big labels or publishers behind them, therefore the prices are way more negotiable. By using our service, you can afford the quality that your project needs.

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