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"East Village Radio is dedicated to streaming and linking the music, art, culture and community of the East Village, NYC into the world's conscience"

Formed in June of 2003, EVR is a forum for the musical and cultural melting pot of New York City's East Village.

EVR is a free Internet radio station that serves as both a voice for the local downtown cultural scene and as a forum for the community at large. Over the past four years, EVR has emerged from a small, backroom collective of music lovers to become a growing fixture on a local and international level.

EVR's state-of-the-art storefront studio is located at 21 1st Avenue. The station's street level studio helps maintain its independent artistic sensibility. According to an MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) study of pedestrian traffic in New York City, almost 1,800 (1,000 during off-peak travel times) pedestrians pass by the sound booth per hour.

Over 60 DJs and hosts provide 16 hours of free live programming a day, in 2 hour show blocks, 7 days a week. Each show is a distinctive sample of the vast musical spectrum: a mix of music, news, comedy and commentary. EVR provides an amalgamated cooperative of DJs and personalities who entertain and galvanize listeners with a wide array of musical genres and thought-provoking commentary.

It is first and foremost a station that exemplifies a communitarian spirit, nonconformity, and a dedication to providing a platform for innovative music. EVR provides a voice for local DJs and personalities who might otherwise have been drowned out by the deafening presence of rapid gentrification.

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