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Tel Aviv's hottest Art rock group Eatliz have been causing quite a stir in the world of alternative rock for some time now, gaining them an ever-growing cult following worldwide. Eatliz is Tel Aviv’s most innovative act that is known for spectacular shows all over the world including major festivals (Primavera sound in Spain, Exit festival in Serbia, SXSW in Austin TX and more), outstanding genre crossing music and cutting edge animation music videos.

Releasing albums for half a decade to critical acclaim, the band’s tendency for sonic pounding mixed with delicate twisting have struck a chord with listeners worldwide who appreciate unconventional song structure and intense roaring loudness meets playful mood swings. Playing what’s been termed as “Art Rock” Eatliz music features elements ranging from pop with a Middle Eastern edge and to four on the floor guitar stomps. The result is a sound that calls to mind artists like Mr. Bungle, Björk and Portishead.

Eatliz astounding creative vision is also demonstrated in their eye-popping videos for songs such as "Lose This Child", “Hey" and “Attractive”, which were seen by millions in festivals all over the world and won many awards, including the prestigious Spike Lee Award at Tribeca Film Festival in NY and was screened before "Avatar" at cinemas across the US.

With the support of MTV Europe, Eatliz toured Europe and the US, including the slot of opening act for major international shows in Israel as Porcupine Tree and "Zappa Plays Zappa".

In Spring 2012 Eatliz made their debut in China. Later on they will tour Europe for summer festivals and release their forth album on 2013.

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