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You won’t find too much urban blight in Southwest Florida. In fact, by all accounts it’s a pretty nice place to live. But location and surroundings don’t dictate the depth of one’s thoughts or feelings, convictions or beliefs. Those all come from within. If you listen carefully to the rapid-fire lyrics of one Ernie Bordon, better known as EbGb, then you will understand he is a true artist who has a lot to say and perhaps we should all take a moment to listen.

Born in New Jersey, EbGb was raised in Florida and although he has lived in Michigan and Massachusetts he would always find himself back in the sunshine state, drawn to the inspiration provided by places, family and friends.

At the age of 13 he began honing his rap skills, rhyming with friends. As a result what started out as a hobby quickly grew into a deep seated passion. He became enthralled with the music of such giants of the genre as Big Pun, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and DMX. Big Pun’s debut album “Capital Punishment” (1998) was pivotal in EbGb’s decision to pursue music as a career. The vivid imagery contained in those lyrics were inspirational and EbGb wanted to challenge himself to become the artist he knew was within him.

Nate Augustus (aka Rubee Jaw) had a digital 8 track recorder and, at the age of 15, EbGb took the first steps on his journey to become a bona fide recording artist. He was and remains a prolific writer to this day, building an extensive catalog of thought-provoking material.

EbGb sold those early recordings in high school to friends and teachers. The success and response to which provided him with a clear indication that he was on the right track. Though an Honor Roll student, EbGb’s mother will be the first to say that her son “hardly ever brought a book home. Just his rhyme book.” EbGb had found an escape from what most of us go through, those awkward teenage years that are a common thread amongst our lives whether we grow up on city streets or close to tropical beaches.

In 2003 EbGb released his first full length album entitled “The Phantom of the Anthems”. Without any distribution EbGb took to selling the CD out of the trunk of his car and he traveled the length and breadth of Florida building an audience. “I did okay,” said EbGb with a smile. “Nothing on Sound-scan, but I didn’t care. That’s not what it was about for me.”

The buzz that he was creating caught the ear of more than a few people in New York and he was soon being courted by a couple of the biggest names in the world of Hip Hop. Although the interest was flattering EbGb wasn’t ready to play the major label game and chose to perfect his craft before taking that next step.

As fate would have it, that was the right decision because just a few short years later a world renowned record producer from Europe, Tony Catania (Scatman John, R’n’G), chose to move to southwest Florida and set up his own studio in the sunshine state. Through a mutual connection the two were introduced and an instant creative partnership was formed. The two men shared the same musical vision and a sense of perfection that is rarely found in anything these days. They both wanted to push the musical envelope and set about to record track after track without any shackles being imposed by record company budgets or time constraints. They simply wanted the opportunity to create great music.

The result is the remarkable collection of songs collectively known as “The Black Light District” to be released in 2012.

The twelve tracks examine a variety of topics both personal and political, exploring ideas and themes that EbGb considers to be important. Through his lyrics, he hopes to provoke a reaction or discussion amongst his fans.

EbGB plans to take his show on the road, supporting “The Black Light District” with live performances that are as exciting and innovative as his recorded music.

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