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  1. ECAL - Bachelor Industrial Design

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  2. ECAL - Bachelor Visual Art

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    Découvrir les différents champs et mouvements de l’art contemporain, en développant sa propre expression artistique. Ce programme Bachelor offre cette opportunité…

  3. ECAL - Bachelor Photography

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    From artistic photography to commissioned work, via still-life, portrait or fashion, this programme is for students passionate about photography as a medium and wishing to sharpen their eye and refine…

  4. ECAL - Bachelor Cinema

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  5. ECAL Milano 2013

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    «Savoir-Faire» At Spazio Orso 16, the “Savoir-Faire” exhibition showcases a selection by ECAL Director Alexis Georgacopoulos, featuring projects in Product and Industrial…

  6. Low-Tech Factory

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    ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne “Low-Tech Factory” Designers’ Saturday, Langenthal 2–3 November 2012 For its 14th edition, Langenthal Designers’ Saturday…

  7. Master Cinema ECAL/HEAD

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  8. ECAL - Bachelor Media&Interaction Design

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    The Media&Intercation Design Unit is part of the Visual Communication Department at ECAL/University of art and Design Lausanne. THE COURSE AIMS TO GIVE STUDENTS IN-DEPTH SKILLS IN - The artistic…

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