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Join the ECO. Clean Beach Initiative!

Help to clean up Australia’s beaches and save the nation’s much loved marine life by joining the ECO. Clean Beach Initiative.

An environmental campaign being run by leading natural skincare brand ECO. Modern Essentials and not for profit group Take 3, the ECO. Clean Beach Initiative aims to raise awareness of the growing threat that plastic pollution is posing to the nation’s beaches, ocean and marine life and to fight it!

According to the United Nations, over six million tonnes of debris enters the world’s oceans every year, killing more than one million innocent sea creatures.

By joining the ECO. Clean Beach Initiative, you can stop this from happening. Simply purchase an ECO. product to join the campaign and become an ECO. Warrior in the fight against beach and ocean pollution.

For every ECO. product sold, ECO. will make a donation to Take 3, with just one ECO. purchase helping to save a marine animal from being harmed by toxic waste and rubbish.

So get together with your friends and be a part of the solution to marine pollution today! Visit

Your donation and involvement will go a long way to ensuring that the nation’s marine life is safe for many years to come.

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