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Since 2000 Jerry has partnered with NGO’s to photograph more than 100 land conservation projects in the region, contributing to the protection of several hundred thousand acres of wilderness and open space. This exposure to compelling environmental issues inspired Jerry to begin producing multimedia stories about some of his projects in 2010. By combining stills, video, and audio interviews into short documentary films, Jerry is able to give more depth to the stories of the people and land he encounters in his work. With several projects completed, Jerry’s multimedia productions are already receiving recognition in the conservation community. His short film, The Anderson Farm, was featured in the Whaleback Environmental Film and Art Festival and in an episode of, while Freeing the Ashuelot, was screened at the 2012 National River Rally in North Charleston, South Carolina. In 2013 he used Kickstarter to successfully fund his first long-form documentary, The Power of Place, which is currently in post-production, and scheduled for release in February 2015.

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