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9Thirty Theatre Company (9TTC), is one of the country’s first Eco Theaters. Eco Theater places the environment as a character, theme or plot in its works. Our mission is to cultivate artists to work toward viable solutions for a sustainable future. We are committed to fostering works of artistic excellence, reaching a broad audience that reflects New York City’s diverse population and providing artistic and eco-friendly programs and performances that stimulate community awareness and action.

Our ecological programming re-invents production and performance in a wholly eco-friendly manner by utilizing only non-toxic found, repurposed, recycled, donated or green materials in found, abandoned and outdoor venues throughout New York City. Each season incorporates new works, re-invented classics, and educational pieces that encompass our theme.

9Thirty is transforming the way theatre is produced and created. We are sustainable in all that we do. It's time to act! Please join us.

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