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  1. Dilated Pixels

    Dilated Pixels PRO Hollywood, CA


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    Combining our vertically integrated production, animation & graphics capabilities with decades of visual storytelling experience, Dilated Pixels creates compelling, impactful content for some of the world's leading companies in entertainment, consumer brands & gaming.

  2. Point.360

    Point.360 Plus Los Angeles


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    Post Production Evolved. Point.360 has several full-service audio and video facilities strategically located throughout the Los Angeles basin supporting all aspects of post production: Dailies, Global File deliveries, VOD, File creation for Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, VFX, Audio Mix, Editorial, Color correction,…

  3. Rick Ramirez
  4. Christian Bloch

    Christian Bloch Plus Hollywood


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    I'm a VFX artist at EdenFX, the author of the HDRI-Handbook, photographer, pano shooter, coder, webmaster and admin of HDRLabs.com.

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