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Here at Eden Records Northwest. We specialize in helping individuals with musical talent to achieve their dreams for stardom by bringing out their best. If we don’t believe in you, we won’t waste your time nor our time, for that matter; time is valuable.

Most labels won’t take the time to give up & coming artists an opportunity to showcase their talents; however, here at Eden Records Northwest, everyone gets the chance to be heard. If you are a dedicated individual with a passion in music, then contact us when you're truly ready to become apart of the Eden Records Northwest family.

Furthermore, as a record company, although we are looking for talent, we are more interested in a well-rounded artist. The artist must possess and/or be willing to strive for marketability and business-orientation. If you are considering joining our family, please understand this isn't a game for us, nor a hobby; this is our lifestyle and your future.

If you are coming here, looking for a record deal, then you are in the wrong place. We are a family, which means we work together; survive, strive and thrive for success. Eden Records Northwest has a lot to offer to any artist of our choice, though very few are chosen. It is for this reason we move on a strict set of laws.

If this is you, we want to meet you. First, however; we need to hear from you. Please read below for directions on how to submit your demo to us.


Email 3 of your best tracks to edenrecords2008@yahoo.com with a photo and short bio.

Please allow 1 - 2 weeks for responses. Do not continue to email us, as this isn't a good look.

Best of luck.

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