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Working as an exclusive shop, 19 Below will help you find your way from script to screen, from paper to projection, and from our gallery to one of our HD edit suites. We consider ourselves a boutique both in service and style. Perhaps best known for creatively cutting on Avid Adrenaline or Final Cut Pro, we are also stepping on to the motion graphics platform with some of the finest work the city has to offer.

With latte in hand and lunch on the way you’ll be able to stay focused on your artistic vision, with only your cell phone to interrupt you.

Commercial work, webisodes, documentaries, style pieces or corporate videos, 19 Below will dig deep to give your piece the mood, style and story that fits its purpose, audience and of course you.

19 Below is:

Pete Meyer / Director / Editor
Ivy Henderson / Producer
Kat Mitchell / Studio & Marketing Manager
Jono Gaughan / Motion Designer / Editor
Joy Moeller / Creative Director / Editor
Trey Morgan / Motion Designer / Editor
Brad Slaughter / Owner / Producer
Mark Schotte / Owner / Producer
Jeff Healy / Producer

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