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Digital Composer. Lives & works in Paris. In 1999, songwriter Bernard Swell (b.w-s) formed Izdatso as a gathering of visual & musical artists and released two albums on Nettwerk / EMI America. In 2007, b.w-s composed, performed & produced "Timeline", a micro-classical album under the Edith Progue stage name. Released on legendary Berlin label "Mille Plateaux" (M.P. 128),"Timeline" has received critical acclaim and Bernard Swell was presented with the Best Album Award at Qwartz Electronic Music Awards on April 4th 2008.
Current film scores work include "Calvet" by british director Dominic Allan and "Rose c'est Paris" by Serge Bramly & Bettina Rheims, "Jump" by Kieron J. Walsh.

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